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June 21, 2018

Posted by Tatuna Molupe in LFYP (chapters), LFYP (lessons), LFYP promotions

Free Lessons for all from Tatuna Software Solutions [Promotion]

From the 01th of September 2018, Tatuna Software Solutions will be providing free Offline Lessons Services for all South Africans.

Which enabling everyone to learn how to modify Third-Party Apps, Removal of Ads in App, and there are so many more to mention


tatuna software solutions


How to get "Learn From Your Phone" (LFYP) Lessons/Tutorials?

    1. Email "FREE, LFYP" to molupeedwin@gmail.com
    2. We’ll email to you LFYP.zip file.
    3. Download zip file to your Smartphone/Tablet.
    4. Check that you’re in a ES File Explorer Manager mode.
    5. Do not enable "Mobile Data"
    6. In your File Manager, create new folder named LFYP
    7. Extract zip file to your new folder LFYP”
    8. Open folder LFYP, select LFYP.html file.
    9. Long click LFYP.html file
    10. Select More >>, select Open As >> select Other >> select as Default >>then choose Chrome.
    11. Follow everything inside this file "LFYP.html file
    12. You will be redirected to your default browser page
    13. Enjoy your Lessons/Tutorials free

Is TSS lessons free LFYP really free?

You do pay R0.80c for the EMAIL, and that is just about it. So it’s more like free, but not really free lol

Which devices can I use to access the Free LFYP?

Any Web Browser capable device. That includes but not limited to;

  • Your personal computer browser,
  • laptop browser,
  • video game console,
  • smartphone browser,
  • tablet browser
  • N.B Please do not use "android browser as it doesn't support other services of this Offline lessons/tutorials.
  • Google Chrome recommended in Smartphone and Tablets.

The following items are also used:

telkom mobile free wife stores image

How is the performance of the Free Lessons service from Mobile browser?

I am tested it from my Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop. It only takes 1000 seconds (second) to navigate to another page

Here are findings.

lfyp offline turtles.

LFYP by: Tatuna Software Solutions


My LFYP Conclusion

If you do not have another option and you want to check or edit LFYP, it serves its purpose.

However, if you want to sit for an hour on a laptop and enjoy a fast and stable Internet experience, you may want to consider other options.

It should be noted that MyLFYP only practise from Web-browser service like Chrome or any other supported browser and offline tutorials about the service at some of the other locations was very negative, ie. HTML Viewer, Android Web Browser.


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Have you used Mobile Tutorials free? What was you experience with the service?